Eating is something that I have personally struggled with my whole life. As I have been diving deeper into my self and moving through my shadows, I have come to realize that my eating is heavily connected to my emotional regulation. I find that when I am uncomfortable, my go-to for comfort is food, sugary, salty and heavy. Anything I can find that will weigh me down physically and mask what is actually going on underneath it all.
I have turned to binge-eating from the young age of eight, as there were seemingly energetic imbalances in my home space. I have gone through times of my life where the binging ceased to exist and I was able to focus my energy into transforming, changing, growing. It is so funny to realize now that I still move through these cycles and have these repeating patterns come up, only now I am able to notice them. You would think that would make it easier to make “the right” or “healthy” choices, but honestly it’s even harder than previously. Now I get to make the relapses shorter, the moments of toxic eating habits become shorter and I feel I am moving even more rapidly though my seasons of healing and change. But I have to consciously choose to fight the urge to eat certain foods and eat in certain quantities that I know will leave me feeling lower vibrations.
One thing I would like to note is that I am constantly revamping my diet and the foods I eat. This means sometimes what works for me one week/month won’t work for me the next. I believe it is important to allow yourself to choose and change without feeling the need to over control.
With that being said, I will share a bit about what my eating journey has been like as of late... I have officially cut meat out of my diet, simply because I would notice it left me feeling emotionally drained or sad. However, I would definitely consider eating meat of a higher quality or meat that I know came from a small business or ethical source. I just don’t feel the need to pursue it and have even found myself straying away from fish and dairy. When I eat cleaner, I feel lighter. I am sure to eat a protein shake each day and focus on finding my protein in other sources such as nuts, tofu, eggs etc. I focus primarily on veggies and fruits without worrying so much about the calories, but rather how my body feels.
I believe it is important to pay attention to what you are feeling when you are eating. Your intuition will guide you as you discover what you do and don’t like. Anything processed, I keep limited. I do allow myself to have my morning or afternoon coffees and the occasional croissant or pastry. It’s the little things that bring me pleasure. Though I do also believe it is important to detox every once in awhile just to remind yourself that it is enjoyable, not necessary.
No matter what you are eating, the most important thing to remember is to honor the people who have provided this food, honor the earth for nurturing this food and be grateful to the food itself for nourishing you. It is an energetic exchange and should be treated as such.
Please note, this is not medical advice and I am not certified or licensed. I am simply sharing my own personal discoveries.
June 05, 2023 — Anadasia Rose

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