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* Please note* At this time, I have received many inquiries for personal sessions and this is how I will be offering them moving forward. Each day, I will put in stock a limited amount as I am led by Divine Spirit.  The video recording will be delivered same day, within 1-24 hours of purchasing.  The FaceTime will be scheduled within 1-24 hours of purchasing. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR REAL EMAIL ADDRESS & PHONE NUMBER at checkout as this is where I will send your video recording.
I offer a limited amount of face time sessions at this time and will put in stock each new day as I am available.  Please check back as you feel called.

It has been shown to me through deep and intimate meditation with Divine that I am here to serve as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, a portal between dimensions, an angelic channel to guide all and anyone who feels called and is ready to enter the Kingdom of Heaven within...  Here in this space, you are held.  You are seen.  You are heard and you are loved.  You are safe to exist. exactly as you are as we journey together towards your highest and greatest good.

Come as you are and leave trusting everything is as it should be as you deepen your connection to Divine by diving deeper into your beautiful en energetic layers.  Just as a rose, you are delicate and sacred.  Allow us to honor this truth together and release anything that is not of this truth, through a 25 minute guided meditation angel channeling session via video recording or facetime.

Please keep in mind, I do not "know" the future or make predictions.  I simply feel, see and hear into worlds beyond this one, and my abilities are as strong as you are willing and open to receiving them.  The clearer your intentions for this meditation, the clearer your connection to divine will be.  Whether you come with questions or simply open to receiving, I ask for your trust and faith in Spirit to flow through me to provide you with what you need.  May you find the peace, love and clarity you seek and are undoubtedly worthy of.

This is a 25 minute guided channel via facetime or video recording that will reveal to you what you have been through, what you are currently experiencing and what is to come.  I am simply here to provide you a God's Eye View of all that you are so that you might receive the keys you need to unlock and embody your highest potential.

Flow with me to receive guided channels and energetic shifts into what you need to hear at this time from God, Source, Universe & Angels channeled through me.  I connect with only God, Angels and Spirits of Earthly Love and Light to bring you clarity and peace of mind. A personal channel from me includes:

- Receiving specific keys and codes to unlock your highest potential

- Clearing blockages, removing excess energy and opening the heart chakra

- Opening your heart to limitlessness and possibility, the truth of all that is

- Surrendering to higher timelines, bringing in more ease, trust and flow 

- Channeling messages about your path from angels and guides

- Recognizing your power to create your reality

- Deepening trust in your intuition and ability to believe

- Receiving your Divine and True Love


Format: Video & Whatsapp Messaging: 

Choose between a 25 minute FaceTime or Video Recording.  Please include in your purchase your email address as this is where we will be connecting.

Responsive Email Messaging from, Yours Truly.


If you feel called to connect on a more affordable personal level, I now offer Luna Live Stream Membership where we connect for weekly channels and I provide 45 minutes per session of general collective Q&A.  You can find this under "Shop Channeled Angel Messages".

DISCLAIMER: BY LAW, I am legally obligated to state that Readings and channeled messages are for entertainment purposes only, information provided during the reading shall not be used as a substitute for professional, financial, medical, psychiatric, or legal advice. You must be 18 and over to purchase. Every product/service I sell is subject to interpretation. My products/services are not meant in ANY way to replace the professional opinion/help of a DOCTOR, healthcare professional, lawyer, or anyone of authority. If you are experiencing any type of illness, it is your obligation to seek professional help. The law requires that tarot readings, and other items that fall into the realm of paranormal are to be sold for entertainment purposes only. I do not take responsibility for the actions, ideas or thoughts of any of my clients before, during, or after the use of any of my products/services. 
By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of this disclaimer clearly stated here.

If you purchase an Email Channeled Angel Message, you will receive your Channeled Angel Message within 48 hours of your purchase.

(sometimes, due to high demand up to 72 hours)


*If you purchase a Personal Session, you will receive an email to schedule within 24-48 hours(sometimes, due to high demand up to 72 hours)


If you purchase Ritual, you will receive your ritual within 24-48 hours..


If you purchase a physical product, you will receive your order within 3-5 business days.


I appreciate your patience as I provide for you the best quality of energy possible.

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