Trust Your Path | Life Purpose - Channeled Angel Message | 5 Card Spread


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If you feel you are at a turning point in your life, walking away from what doesn’t serve you and stepping into your purpose... this channeled message is for you. I connect with only God, Angels and Spirits of Earthly Love and Light to bring you clarity and peace of mind.

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This is a reading that will dive into the spiritual layers of your higher self, tuning into your soul's gifts.

- Let go of fears, resistance and blocks to reach your fullest expression

- Deepen your trust with yourself and intuition

- Feel supported, loved and guided by the Universe with messages & angel confirmation 

- Discover your Passions, Creativity and Dreams

- See yourself fully and allow others to see all that you are

- Surrender to your unique gifts and talents

- Acceptance of divine timing and karmic cycles

Find out where your life is headed and receive important messages from your guides on this path and what steps you may need to take in order to move forward in your highest good.


I offer a sliding scale for donation.  Choose the amount you feel called to give.  Your support will go toward my writing, creations and healing for humanity and it is truly appreciated from the depths of my heart.🤍

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A Guided 5-card tarot spread, Including Pictures Fully Explained - Life Purpose | Soul Gifts | Creativity | Self Discovery Self Expression | Divine Timing 

To Have & To Hold as a Meditative Keepsake

Responsive Email Messaging from Yours Truly

This is a general inclusive energy reading based around the month’s full moon energy and will change accordingly.  It is aligned and designed to guide you on a journey to establishing trust in yourself and connection to all that is. This is for a collective audience of all those who are in alignment and feel called to discover more. 

What It Means To Join The LUNA ROSE FAMILY: I believe it's so so important to receive guidance along your journey and this can come in many forms such as yoga, meditation, working with crystals and what I find to be one of the most important, Tarot Divination.  Receiving guided messages and insights into what is currently happening in your life will not only provide more peace of mind and clarity, but it will also keep you more connected to yourself and the growth and expansion of your soul.  I myself practice tarot on the daily and while i don't believe that often is necessary for everybody, I do believe it is important to clear your energy space and make room for new and abundant energy to flow into your life at least once a month with the changing of the Full Moon.  You will receive a new reading providing you insight and clarity for what is currently happening in your life and what is coming in for you.  This will keep you moving on a path of purpose, playfulness and self discovery.  *You will have immediate and full control to manage your subscription and are free to cancel at anytime you feel it no longer resonates with your journey.



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