I am the mother of an angel, too sweet for earth. My journey began from the young age of 8, but my soul awakened after the loss of my first born daughter. To say she changed my life would be an understatement. Sweet Calla Mae became my guardian angel the day she died. A pure soul, untouched by the darkness of this world. She is my connection to death and life, to all that is. Before her, my life had no meaning, no purpose, no vision. I thank the heavens for this experience that led me to become and un-become everything I am today, all that I am meant to be. The death and birth of my daughter inspired my own deaths and rebirths in this lifetime, the shedding of layers of myself.


It was days after this experience that I wandered into my first crystal shop where my heart was pulled to a Lumerian Quartz Crystal Necklace. Though I couldn't afford it at the time, I knew that if it was meant for me, it would be there when I came back. A week and a half later, I was leaving the store with my first ever crystal wrapped in sterling silver around my neck.

Without having done any research at all, I began to spend hours charging in the sunlight and hung my crystal in the window whenever the moon was full. Thus began my journey of crystal healing and self discovery. Lumerian Quartz holds powers of Ancient Healing and Wisdom that I truly believe planted seeds in my mind that guided and encouraged me to change my life. It was within the bounds of these descriptive words that a flame was lit inside of me. A flame that has, in the past, been manipulated, used and abused because I was never aware of my true power. I spent many years of my life wandering, unsure of who I was or what I was meant to do in my lifetime on this earth. I have seen true darkness of this world and I have chosen and will always choose to be light, to be love. To nurture, mother and love myself so that I may give freely from my overflowing cup. This is my passion. This is my purpose, my soul calling.

Everything I have created here, I created first for myself so I might learn what true love is, what it is to be accepted fully for who I am. And it is here in this safe space that love flows, doors open and the world connects. It is here we find peace, first within ourselves and then within others. What you will find here is the truth of who you are, who you've always been. I welcome you with open arms to my magickal home, where I hope you will find everything you need to heal, love, unlearn, release and create the essence of who you are. You are a divine being and I am sure if you have found your way here, you have opened your mind and heart to possibilities beyond this physical world.

My rituals are designed of a pure heart, everything made from a place of love and gratitude. You will find here only the highest quality of Crystals, Jewelry, Flowers and Herbs... All of my ingredients are Organic, Natural & Ethically sourced from my own Mother's Garden and other small business friends of the same quality. My ingredients are grown and harvested with love, all- natural and of this earth. My packaging is eco-friendly and some is even plantable! I believe it is a beautiful thing to give to the earth which provides for us so much life. I hold my standards high for myself and you shall only receive from me the same. It is my honor and greatest pleasure to share with you rituals and recipes to be passed down through generations.

You are the light bringer, the cycle breaker. It is through you true love will flow and now is your time. I created my peace. I created my safety, my warmth and acceptance and it feels right in my soul to now share this gift with you so that you might do the same for yourself and the generations to come. Using crystals, performing rituals and journaling your thoughts, you will create your most loved self. You will learn to recognize your darkness, your triggers and rather than hide away and feel shame for past lives and experiences, you will be bale to show yourself kindness and compassion, love and acceptance for who you are in all moments. Dark and light, happy and sad, angry or overjoyed. Each time your emotions change, you will be able to come back to your center, grounding yourself in your highest alignment. Your thoughts do not define you. Your feelings do not define you. Your actions do not define you. For you are changing in all moments, growing, evolving.

I have fought my way though battles and grown stronger in my awareness of self. I have opened my heart and my mind to the world around me and it now feels as if it flows through me. It doesn't feel like a battle, I don't recognize an enemy. For I realize now, the enemy was always me. So I continue to explore and expand and create from a place of gratitude and acknowledgment of all that was, all that is and all that is to come.

With understanding and love, I look forward to this connection we now share. My you explore the depths of your soul, inner flame, light and darkness in its' wholeness.


LUNA ROSE is a way of life... A creation of Rituals, Time and Space dedicated to care and love for our self, just as we are with the hope and promise of a greater good for all. Rituals are a connection to our highest self, to realities beyond this one.

I believe each Ritual to be a seed planted in the beautiful garden of all that you are and all that you will be. And each garden is unique among the many more who also with to share love and beauty with this earth.

May LUNA ROSE be a Home to you as it is to me. A safe space full of warmth, light and love... where you find acceptance and acknowledgment of the wholeness of who you are, exactly as you are. We are darkness and light, masculine and feminine... A warrior but softer. A woman who's found her strength in Love and not anger nor fear. We are a woman connected to her true voice, trusting of her intuition to guide her. Open to love and connection. Kind to her darkness and firm in what she believes in. A creator, manifestor, artist, lover and friend. We are only ever who we wish and make to be.

Here you will experience awakenings, breakings, rebuilding of self... Love, laughter, tears and anger. Whatever you feel, it is all accepted. May you feel loved and supported through it all, strengthened by the connection we all share. I speak from the depths of my heart when I say I am grateful you are here, even should you stay only for a moment.

What a beautiful thing to know we are not alone in this world. .....

Calla Mae is and always will be my greatest gift of love, my greatest act of selflessness and my most wonderful life blessing. It is through the memory of her I find my strength. It is through my daughter my connection to the spirit realms was strengthened and amplified on a level my human mind may truly never understand. And though I know this gift I hold, the ability to feel and read others energies, the ability to see through the veil of this world into the spirit realms has been passed down through generations of women...I believe my psychic abilities and connection to mother earth has been strengthened by my love for my angel daughter. For this I will always be grateful.

Everything I offer you here is my gift to the world that has been given to me by my ancestors who came before. I am honored to share my experiences, creations and unconditional love with you, for I know that a woman guided here is a woman in tune with herself... a receiver of life and a giver of love.

Peace & Love To You, ~ Anadasia Elizabeth🌹