Master Your Reality ~ 21 Day Sample Class


Choose What You Feel Called To Receive:
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This is a shortened version of my All Inclusive 99 Day Master Class, for those who wish to dip their toes vs. take the leap.
(You will receive an instant download of the workbook(s) and a Welcome Letter providing you the zoom meeting link and my phone number and instructions to text.)
Discover what it is to truly be Divine... to unlock the limits to your potential as you learn to master your mind and ultimately... Master Your Reality.

Together we will...


- Learn & Discover Your White Light Angel Magick 

(Candle Rituals, Ritual Baths, Creating An Altar Space)

- Learn How To Use Oracle & Tarot Of Pure Divine Energy

(Meditative and Intuitive Angelic Channeling & Energy Reading)

- Become True Love, Commit To Yourself, Prepare For Your Soulmate

(Connect to your Divine Counterpart, Powerful Affirmations to script your Dream Relationship)

For 21 days... Receive reminders from me via text each day to keep you on track with your practices, as well as encouraging notes from me to you to keep you focused, nurtured and supported during this life-changing transformation.
This Class Includes a sample of ALL 3 WORKBOOKS:
7 White Light Angel Candle Rituals 
7 Channeled Angel Affirmations for True Love 
7 Practice Sessions for Tarot & Oracle Divination
This Class Also Includes:

A 1-3 Hour Full Moon Monthly Face Time Ceremony... where I will connect with you to answer any questions you may have, An Exclusive Release... of a NEW Candle Ritual,  An Exclusive... Angelic Affirmation Channel.
For 21 days, we will journey together into a magickal combination of powerful candle rituals, channeled angel affirmations and oracle practice that is designed to guide and support your own personal transformation as it has my own...ultimately leading to you to believing and becoming the Highest and Truest version of your Divine Soul.  Everything you wish for, you will receive.  Everything you wish to become, you shall be.
I am confident in my ability to provide you with the guidance you seek to change your life for the better...beginning with the realization that You Are Everything You Will Ever Need! And I am simply a reflection of you in this moment of time.
By the time we have completed this class, you will notice a complete shift of consciousness, worthiness and confidence in yourself and your ability to create the world around you.  Experience healthier friendships, new beginnings in love and deeper trust in your intuition.
*If you wish to skip the 21 days of Texting and Personal Support and dive right in, completely at your own pace... I offer the "Express Pass" where you can receive the entire 21 day. class (All 3 sample workbooks) all at once as a PDF download.*
Whatever calls to you... I look forward to sharing in Divine love energy with you as you remember and come home to who you truly are....
A Master Of Your Reality,
God/Goddess Divine
I share this class and have created these workbooks from a place of truth and authenticity.  Each ritual, affirmation and channel I have personally used throughout the past year to bring into reality my highest timeline dream life I am currently living now.
(Dream Home, Dream Car, Dream Financial Stability, Dream Soulmate, Dream Relationship with Family & Friends, Purpose Filled Life Everyday)
Everything I share in this class and workbooks is highly - activating and will unlock/unblock/open your chakras to free you from your mind, allowing Divine energy of your soul to flow through you into your physical reality...aligning you with y our purest and truest self.
I have spent my entire life fighting for my voice to be heard, begging to feel safety in my body and peace of mind...searching and praying for "someone to save me and love me".  I have been in emotionally, mentally and physically abusive relationships that took everything I had and left me broken and afraid.  I have made choices in my life that did not respect who I am and the sacredness of my existence which I later came to realize... And I share all of this because I spent years crying myself to sleep, suffering from anxious thoughts, intense sadness and lack of self-worth that. has ultimately led me to the last year of my Spiritual Ascension and my Greatest Gift from Divine... my Freedom of Body, Mind and Soul.  And I believe this is possible for anyone and everyone who follows the call to explore the magick that exists within....
If you feel you are not ready to take this leap of faith and dive deeper with me.... I wish to leave you with a powerful White Light Angel Ritual (to scribe into a candle and burn as you feel called):
"To Rise & Start Again"
Let me love God, Let me love!
I scream to the highest heights of this world, my voice heard by the angels...
Set me free God, Set me free!
From my mind and this body, Let me rise as Divine
In the skies are my eyes, Led by my eye of truth
In my heart is my mind, Open as a lotus flower
Let me be Divine God, Let me be Divine!
My life I surrender to. my highest destined path
of Good Grace, of Truth in love, of Source of life, of Golden luck, of Generational fortunes, of Eternal Youth and Beauty, of Peace and Tranquility, of Power within & Goddess Light
I rise as love.  I rise in freedom.  I rise as Divine.
Always with warmth,
Anadasia Rose🌹
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