May Full Moon Ceremony | LIVE Zoom Event


Choose the amount you feel called to give:

1 Hour Long Ceremony

I will lead us in channeling and ritual work….Together we will connect to & harness the powerful energies of the May Full Moon.

Coming back home to god/goddess energy within

  • Divine angelic channeled affirmation for awakening & activating your sacredness
  • Honor yourself as divine & so will the rest of the world

Self mastery in love

  • Find trust in love
  • Find balance in love of self & love of another
  • It’s always okay to love again

Connecting to your passion/purpose

  • It is time to stop being scared of your own potential, you are not the same person you were… prove it to yourself

Finding your own way home to peace and clarity through the storm of mental/emotional distress

  • Ritual techniques for stress & overwhelming thoughts/feelings
  • Observing the storm before participating locate your heart center & navigate your way there


Also Includes:

A Candle Ritual

(An exclusive ritual not yet available on my website)


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